June 11, 2024 by Puebla Camacho BR

Nearshoring consists of moving services or processes to geographically close locations.

Its main advantages include proximity, reduced logistics costs and better management.

of relationships with suppliers. Outsourcing has been a common practice for decades.

Increased Industrial Demand: The Need for Manufacturing Facilities

and logistics has grown considerably.

Infrastructure Development: With significant investments to support this demand.

Increased employment: Increasing demand for housing and services for Workers.

In summary, Nearshoring is transforming the real estate market in Mexico.

Sectors Benefited by Nearshoring in Mexico

1. Automotive: Mexico is an important hub for automotive manufacturing, with several assembly plants of international companies.

2. Electronics: The production of electronic components.

3. Textile and Clothing: The textile industry has found production and export to the North American market in Mexico.

4. Technology and Services: Include support and software development centers, take advantage of proximity and local talent

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