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Known as the “City of Eternal Spring,” Cuernavaca offers a warm and pleasant climate throughout the year, as well as a wide variety of living options. Below, we will highlight some of the best areas to live in Cuernavaca, taking into account different lifestyles and needs.

Central Areas:

Jardines de Cuernavaca: A traditional area with tree-lined streets, beautiful houses, and a peaceful atmosphere. Ideal for families and people seeking a classic lifestyle.

Historic Center: Offers a mix of history, culture, and modernity. Close to major attractions, restaurants, and shops. Ideal for people looking to be in the center of the action.

Delicias: A popular area with a wide variety of housing options, from apartments to houses. Close to schools, parks, and shopping centers. Ideal for young families and people looking for a practical and accessible area.

Exclusive Areas:

Rancho Cortés: A private gated community with 24/7 security and extensive green areas. Ideal for families seeking a luxurious and safe lifestyle.

Lomas de Cortés: A residential area with beautiful panoramic views of the city. It has high-end properties and a family-friendly atmosphere. Ideal for people seeking exclusivity and tranquility.

Club de Golf Cuernavaca: An exclusive development with access to a professional golf course, clubhouse, and other amenities. Ideal for golf enthusiasts and people seeking a luxury lifestyle.

Other Areas:

Vista Hermosa: A quiet area with a family-friendly atmosphere. Close to schools, parks, and shopping centers. Ideal for young families and people looking for an accessible area.

Ahuatepec: A picturesque village with a traditional atmosphere. It offers properties at more affordable prices than in the city. Ideal for people seeking tranquility and a rural lifestyle.

Tepoztlán: A magical town located a short distance from Cuernavaca. Famous for its pyramid, artisan market, and bohemian atmosphere. Ideal for people seeking an alternative lifestyle.


The choice of the best area to live in Cuernavaca will depend on your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Here are some of the most popular options, but I recommend thoroughly researching and visiting different areas before making a final decision. Consider factors such as safety, access to services, public transportation, and entertainment options when choosing an area to live. Research the average property prices in different areas to ensure they fit your budget. At Camacho Real Estate, we can advise you to find your ideal property. Check out the properties we have available.

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